What You Need to Know About a Digital Drum

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Unlike the frequently asked question “Is it an acoustic drum or a digital one?”, Today we can talk about many advantages that digital drums give us. Unlike a system that is costly in the first place like sound isolation, it brings up a high-resonance instrument like a drum to our homes.

Even when the drums of the beginning stage meet the possibility of studying, they offer the individual acoustic drum flavor in the home environment as we go up to the upper levels.


What should we watch out for when we get digital drums?

– Unlike the situation in the acoustic drum, the brands that have made a name on the digital platform have to be our first choice in this regard. You will not have any problem in the future with the systems and software they are working on, and in case of spare parts, these products will be covered by these companies.

The first thing to notice on a digital drum is to run the system and examine the module in which the sounds are loaded. The response of the sounds loaded in the drum depends on the acoustic drum and the processing speed of these sounds is very important. A realistic processing speed during the drum strokes is important for your developing rhythm ear.

– The first thing to pay attention after the modus is the pad systems. These systems differ from company to company. What we need to note in this regard is the choice of the closest one to the acoustic drum from the feelings of the Pad’s feelings. The closest systems to the rebound in the skin are rubber and silicone air bubble pads.

– After the basics, the digital environment is to make use of the wealth that we have. In this issue, you can see the different Loop sounds, Percussion Setups etc installed. the voices will be examined. Offering a lot of diversity in this regard, the product will carry you forward with creativity.

– Menu accessibility is something that will make your business easier. The stability of the components to which the pad and modules are connected is also one of the points that you should pay attention to.

– Digital drums offer a group of musicians who can not work in the studio environment. It supports you to accompany Backing Tracks and Studies prepared in different styles. A variety of them is another important issue.

– Finally; It is easy to record for all musicians. Having this feature in your hand will allow you to record quickly in your own studies and parts.

– It will be a good idea to find the best performing product for your budget in digital products that vary by budget.


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