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When approaching an instrument such as drums for the first time , you face a big dilemma: acoustic or electronic drums ? The question is very complex and all aspects of it must be considered well before making the best choice.

The electronic drum is a musical instrument that needs to be connected to the mains to produce any type of sound. Thanks to a series of pads , or silent drums , it is able to safely replace the drums and the most common acoustic instruments, always in our imaginaries. It is in fact a sort of “modern” variant.

Undoubtedly the acoustic , also because it is better known, has a greater appeal on the aspiring drummer than the electronic one, even if it is much more difficult to manage. First of all, if we have available a small space where we can store our battery, the acoustic one does not appear at all as the most suitable choice. In fact, even a limited set, which is composed only of the box, snare, a tom and some plates, takes up a lot of space. The electronic battery, on the other hand, manages to summarize all the sounds of this series of pieces, and not only, in a much more limited surface.

Another issue is noise . Unfortunately, the acoustic drum is synonymous with noise, noise and does not allow you to play quietly. Even beating down with the sticks on the skins, the neighbors will have to complain about your new pastime; perhaps it will be better to favor the purchase of its electronic version. To each piece, or pad, of the electronic drums a sound is assigned practically identical to that of a traditional one. Each pad is connected to a sort of general controller , thanks to which you can assign the sound or modify it as you prefer. This feature therefore allows you to customize the instrument to the maximum following your particular needs.

Another positive aspect of the electronic drums is the possibility of connecting with headphones . In this way it will be possible to play at any time, without being afraid to disturb. Also, always in the headphones, you can listen to the metronome or any musical bases on which to play and study. By connecting the electronic drum directly to the computer, it is possible to export the sounds of the pads to MIDI tracks, so as to be able to easily record their productions. The most recent models are very advanced and are able to convey to those who play them a feeling almost identical to the traditional one.

The electronic drums originate in the late sixties, when Felix Visser, drummer with a Dutch band, modified an electronic sound module so as to make it sound like a real musical instrument, able to produce sound when struck by chopsticks. It was a primordial model of electronic drums , which however gave rise to the development of the instrument: in the early seventies the first real model was created, by the Moody Blues drummer, Graeme Edge, in collaboration with the University of Sussex. We must then wait for 1976 to see the first electronic drumson the market, made by Pollard. In the eighties the instrument attracted the interest of great manufacturers like Yamaha and Roland, which give the definitive boost to the development of electronic drums.

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