How To Choose Drumsticks For A Drum?

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The palm can break very quickly or not reproduce the desired sound. Therefore, you should carefully choose the drums for your drums.

The tree . There are three basic types of wood used to make hooks.

K linen is seen most lightweight and has excellent flexibility. It is comfortable for a more energetic game because it absorbs the energy of impact. With it you will feel the punches more lightly with your hands.

Walnut is most commonly used as a material for the production of sticks and has a decent level of energy absorption and flexibility.

The oak is a material that is rarely broken, but you will feel much more vibrations because of its poor energy absorption capacity.

If the stick is not specified, the tree is made of wood that does not meet the standards.

Peak . There are two basic types of plastic and wood. More often than a tree. Wood is a good choice for many types of playing. The only drawback is the rapid wear of the tip in frequent use. The plastic lasts longer and is useful for playing in the cinemas when you need to get brilliant sound and good bounce. The problem with the plastic tips is that they can fly during play. They are also suitable for electronic drums.

Size . When you have decided on the tree and the top you have to choose the right size for your batons. Different manufacturers have dimensional differences so you will notice a difference between Vic Firth 5a compared to Zildjian 5a. But they are still close enough. There are 3 main categories:

– 7 a . This is the slimmest and lightest soundtrack on your drums. They are excellent for jazz music and young drummers.

– 5 a . This is the most common baton. They have an average thickness and will allow you to play both high and quiet. Perfect for rock music.

– 2b / 5b . They are thicker than the previous ones and will allow you to extract loud sound from the drums and are ideal for metal and hard rock.

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