How To Choose A Drum Kit

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To tap the rhythms on the reels, you will need a drum kit. To buy it is simple. In any music store there is a wide range of such musical instruments. A professional drummer can easily select the setup to suit his needs. As for a novice drummer or amateur, then it will not be that easy for him to choose the instrument.

Determine with the configuration

The first thing you need to decide is how many drums there should be. Classic set includes four products. This is a small (working) drum, the main, floor and bass drum. A set with four products is recommended not only for beginners, but also for rock, pop, and country musicians. Installation with 5 or more reels allows you to get tonalities in a wider range. It will be a place for music bands playing in the style of fusion or some modern style.

Material of the drum set

All drum sets combine one common parameter – metal plates. As for the drums, they can be made from the following tree species:

  • Musical instruments from it are inexpensive. Birch is a strong and durable material, giving a special timbre to the sound. In addition, it allows you to select all possible tones except for medium ones;
  • Red tree. It produces drum sets of elite class. They sound warmer already. The frequencies of the lower order are best distinguished by them;
  • The most common wood for the manufacture of plants by domestic and foreign manufacturers. The sound of the maple drums is warm and balanced;

  • Allows you to get a bright and powerful sound. Much of the material is due to this large number of pores in the structure;
  • Is a more affordable alternative to mahogany and beech – elite wood species;
  • Drum installations made of it, sound clean, and also have a smooth light brown surface.

Pay attention to the edge of the drums. It turns out that such a small detail also affects the frequency and tone of the received sound. The edge can be sharp or rounded. The first will allow you to get a high-frequency sound, and rounded off – gentle and soft.

About fittings

It will not be possible to fully play the drums if accessories are not purchased with the drum kit. They are the drummer’s chair, mounts for volumes, rim, and sticks. They do not need to focus on their choice. Products from the middle price range will come off.

As for the plates

They are cast and leafy. The first are made in the production, pouring out of the metal alloy. The final form of the product is obtained after turning and rolling. Without the above processing, the plates will not allow an exclusive and expressive character of the sound. The second type of plates are cut from metal sheets of the same thickness.

Over time, the number of drums in the installation can be supplemented or replaced with the available ones more suitable.



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