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Every day, electric drums become an increasingly important part of the world of electric music – even of all modern music – and choosing the right set is difficult with all those bells, bells, and extras. There are, however, a few things to remember when buying an electric drum that applies to every drum kit, and here we will look at those conditions that every drum kit has to meet before you buy it. Let’s start with the most fundamental question: drum set or pad?

Kits vs pads

An electronic drum set mimics a full acoustic drum set. These are usually provided with pads that you can mount on a rack, similar to a traditional model.

Drum sets are great for those who mainly record, play, or perform in one or two places, and who need the feel of an ordinary drum kit to do it right. Pads are more like “drum sets for the table”, and fit well with players who are always on the move, or electric musicians who need the flexibility of a drum set in a package that you can easily drag from place to place. Once you have made this choice, it is time to look at the basic properties of kits and pads.


This is more relevant for drum sets than pads. Many drum sets are solidly built but sturdy enough to absorb the hits of an experienced acoustic drummer . It is important to ask the seller of a certain electric drum whether he is “naturally” designed – whether it is easy to get used to the set as a traditional drummer. If so, then it is probably a good choice. Pads should also be judged for firmness, but it will not happen often that they fail under the play of their drummer.

Flexibility of the best electric drum

One of the main advantages of an electric drum is the fact that it can be programmed to give different sounds with an arrangement of your choice (so one pad produces the sound of a tom, the other of a snare, and so on). It is important to find a drum set or pad that allows you to use all this flexibility. Many people make the mistake of buying a cheap drum set or pad that can produce only one set of sounds and is attached to a single arrangement.

Yes .. Not so. Choose a drum kit with many different percussion sounds and built-in sets. This allows you to express yourself through the widest range of media, all for a price that is significantly lower than you would need for an acoustic set with the same capabilities.



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